Live Life Cook has been developed from the concept that nutritious food should be delicious and easily accessible for everyone.   

For over 10 years, Chef John Casey worked in the retirement and aged care industry and saw the importance of living well and staying independent, for a healthy and active retirement. 



To empower older Australians to make wiser food choices that will greatly benefit their health and quality of life as they age. This may be through the food they choose to cook for themselves at home, but also other food they may consume outside of the home.

JOHN's Mantra

Live Life Cook

“As we add years to our lives, I want to ensure we add life to the years through food first.”


John Casey

General Manager / Chef
John is a professional chef with over 30 years’ experience in highly awarded restaurant kitchens all around the world. His most recent experience in the retirement and aged care industry has allowed John to take his food preparation knowledge and apply it to improving the health of older Australians through improved food quality and age-appropriate nutrition. John’s cookbook, Live Life Cook, combines John’s love for healthy food and making nutritional food a passion not a chore.

Julie Dundon

Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian
Julie is a Direction at Nutrition Professionals Australia. Julie has partnered many organisations to find the right nutrition solutions in a range of settings across Australia. Her experience as Food Services Manager across several sites, Residential Site Manager and Consultant Dietitian has provided Julie with valuable insight to the daily challenges of the aged care sector. She is a leader in the Dietetics profession with 10 years on the Board of DAA which included 4 years as Vice-President and 4 years as President. Recently she has played a leading role in the DAA submission to the Royal Commission.

Free nutrition handbook

Live Life Cook, together with Nutrition Professionals Australia, have developed the Better Food and Nutrition Handbook to provide older Australians with the vital ingredients necessary to enjoy a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.



NUtritional sessions

Our Active Ageing Nutritional Sessions are presented by John Casey and complimented by a dietitian, Julie Dundon, from Nutrition Professionals Australia.  Sessions are tailored but can include:

  • A detailed nutritional presentation and discussion that is relevant to ageing Australians.
  • Feature cooking demonstrations by renowned Australian chef, John Casey.  Choose from a selection of seasonal recipes are simple and based on common ingredients that are readily available to the home cook.
  • Food tastings/sampling as well as the option to sample in home meals that may be applicable to your community members and care networks.
  • Question time and queries addressed by Australia’s leaders in the Ageing Australia Industry. 
  • Each session is live streamed and can be broadcast to your social media networks and utilized for future educational purposes.
  • Participant take home packs with nutritional information and healthy ageing.  
  • Host pack with further information and resources for supporting your community.
  • Links to our online Live Life Cook series which include further recipes to cook at home accompanied with all the nutritional tips for the ageing
  • Ongoing contributions of content in the form of nutritional tips and recipes supplied for your publications.

Why are our sessions so beneficial?

Many ageing Australians are unaware that our nutritional needs change significantly as we age.  This is an opportunity to educate and gain knowledge about the benefits of a nutritional lifestyle in an entertaining and enjoyable way. How to age positively.

The ageing population are significantly affected by social isolation and our sessions offer an opportunity not only enjoy an educational presentation but engage and interact with others in their community.

Food brings people together.  Incorporating our cooking demonstrations with nutritional presentations educate and encourage a healthy lifestyle for our ageing population.

Season Active Ageing Sessions are available.  Each seasonal session (four in total) focuses on different foods and nutritional tips that can be presentation and discussed with each group returning or choosing the sessions they wish to attend.

Our sessions can complement current Active Ageing Initiatives to support and enhance existing programs.

some of our cooking shows…



Quality Meals that our ageing Australians need!



Live Life Foods goal is to achieve a high-quality nutritious meal which are appealing and appropriate to meet the diverse range of needs of our ageing population. This new approach is an important service to ensure everyone has access to nourishing quality meals designed for the young at heart.  

The new approach will increase choice and flexibility for people to ensure that portion sizes are in line with nutritional requirements to maintain our wellbeing through Food First.

The fact is that ageing Australians have different nutritional requirements so under the guidance of Nutritional Professionals Australia (NPA) we have created our restaurant quality Live Life Foods Delivery 2U.

Live Life Foods is a new home meal delivery service created to ensure everyone has access to great tasting nourishing healthy meals.

We pride ourselves on the freshness and quality of our meals that are nutritionally designed for the young at heart to make sure we get the right balance of nutrition in our diets every day.

Live Life Cook


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